Importance of Digital Marketing in Business


The world landscape has changed rapidly, and we’re left with no choice but to adapt to the continuing shifts. Digital has risen because of the undebatable winner amidst the crisis, Even traditional businesses are channelizing the digital medium to achieve a bent on a wider audience. According to Criteo’s ‘COVID-19 Impact on Marketing‘ report revealed that digital marketing spending has increased for 8 out of 10 marketers in India because of Covid-19. Digital marketing has garnered massive popularity for the dynamism and growth it promises. At once, a selected few referred to digital as a medium of promoting, but now, it’s become a compulsory platform for anyone who seeks visibility across the masses. Covid-19 has forced significant changes to sales, marketing, and operations. Thus, it unfolded an ocean of opportunities for those who are hooked on digital skills and enthusiastic about the art of promoting.

The Business is nothing when you are not converting into the Online. Time And Technology which gives the awesome boosting to your business.

Digital marketing in India has encountered massive growth in Covid-19. From deluging investment to a burgeoning audience, the digital marketing industry in India is doing remarkably well. Indian markets are now relying more and more on digital marketing strategy and feel highly accurate for their return, and why not? Digital marketing is yielding outstanding results and convincing enough to entice any investor. Moreover, businesses of all segments are showing interest in digital marketing. By the end of 2025, digital will grow at a CAGR of 27.4% to surpass the Rs.50,000 crore mark. Advertising spends on digital media is led by social media with the very best share of 28%, contributing Rs 3,835 crore to the Indian digital advertising pie. Spends follow this on paid search (23%), online video (22%), and display media (21%). As one of the top digital marketing companies in Vijayawada, Technology-360 offers a complete digital marketing solution to our client, whether yours a start-up or a firm which is at the phase of expansion.

Invest in Digital Marketing or not?

Investing a large sum of your overall marketing budget in digital marketing is a hurdle for a few people, despite the returns overweighting the number invested. Undoubtedly, whether to speculate or not invest in digital marketing continues to be an issue for several companies. The whole concept and scope of digital marketing are quite broad. To know it thoroughly to unleash the perks related to it, it’s essential to understand digital marketing branches. Our digital marketing course in Vijayawada includes Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Pay Per Click Management, Affiliate Marketing, Inbound Marketing, and Online PR. Hence, you must carefully consider the highest digital marketing ROI stats before you run any campaign. Exploring each of those branches separately will boost your conversion rates, enhance brand awareness & visibility, skyrocket revenue, and help you attain your required business goals seamlessly. Spending your money on any one part of digital marketing might lessen to bring notable results. However, every business is different in its ways, and hence, they have to identify the marketing platforms that job the most effectively for them. Once they understood the marketing platforms identified, it’s now time to seek ways to draw in visitors and convert them into paying customers.

Invest in Social Media or not?
In India, the volume of Facebook users is expected to grow by 444.2 million in 2023. The figure was 281 million in 2018. It symbolizes major progress within the user base of the social media platform. Facebook holds three of the foremost popular social networks globally – WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram. The penetration rate of Facebook users in India is estimated to achieve nearly 15% in 2016 to almost 23% in 2021. it’s requisite to know that digital marketing does a great deal over just creating ads. It involves branding, customer engagement, and improving the UI, away from product or service promotion. Also, it is offering a range of exciting opportunities for business growth shortly. Indeed, the Indian market has enfolded digital marketing with open arms.
Leveraging numerous social media platforms can create, maintain, and nurture relationships with your prospects which is the underlying essence of Social Media Marketing. You’ll be able to witness a dramatic surge in your sales revenue after strategically planning and running social media advertising campaigns.

Everyone desires to expand their company, get more potential customers, increase their brand value, better their customer experience, and build a social presence. Technology360- offers the best digital marketing services in Vijayawada at affordable costs. Our Data-driven marketing solutions will help you reach out to your potential shoppers appropriately and significantly. We use various digital marketing methods to build you a robust digital presence with the given time and budget.

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