Data Scraping


It is likewise recognized as web scraping. Data scraping is the method of importing data from a website into excel. Data scraping has an enormous amount of applications – it’s helpful in just about any situation where data needs to be transferred from one point to another.

Why need website data?

Nowadays, businesses don’t want their content to be downloaded and used. Competitors strive to gain information on others’ data, which is a tiresome process if they are using excel to scrape data from any website. So, Data scraping plays a crucial role in fetching loads of data at a time effortlessly. 

Use of Data Scraping:

  • Analysis for web content/market data
  • Pricing for travel booker sites/price estimate sites
  • Obtaining sales leads/conducting a market study by analyzing public data sources.
  • Sharing of product data from an e-commerce site to a different online merchant.

Significant differences between scraping & crawling:

Website Crawling is a  process in which large search engines like Google engage their robot crawlers, such as Googlebot, out on the web to index Internet content. While a crawler bot will intimate its purpose and not try to trick a website into deeming it’s something it is not. But crawlers do not perform any automated actions like filling forms in a website etc.  On the other hand, Website Scraping is typically explicitly structured to obtain data from a particular website. The bots that scrape data are called scraper bots. Sometimes scrapers will exercise unconventional moves like filling out forms or contrarily involving in actions to enter a specific part of the website. Scrapers don’t regard robotx.txt file, a file that directs crawlers which page to crawl and which they shouldn’t because scrapers are designed to extract content on any webpage.

Types of Scraping: As there are various tools and services, it may be challenging to recognize them and see which one is more suitable. Based on whereby they work, the following are types of web scraping tools obtainable in the market:

Browser Extension: Using these extensions, easy to browse and scrape data within the browser plug-in rather than separate software installed on PC; this is the most helpful tool to opt for! Just install the extension and choose a way of scraping data from any website.  The data can be downloaded in CSV or any other downloadable format.

Scraping Softwares: Similar to any other software, install the software on any pc. Finally, configure the software, and all the last step is that it is ready to go and scrape whatever data from the web in fractions of seconds. It will be in CSV format or any other downloadable format.

Cloud-Based web scraping tools: When compared to other tools, Cloud-Based web scraping is regarded to be the most sturdy solution! There’s no trouble with the installation of software on the PC. Businesses need to configure a plan based on requirements and ready to use the product. The data can be extracted in the form of API or any other downloadable format. 

Scrape data from a website to excel: Using an effective web query in Microsoft Excel is an easy, handy data scraping technique that allows to set up a data feed from an external website (or multiple websites) into a sheet.

How are marketers utilizing data scraping?

There are some of the significant advantages of data scraping to boost  Marketing strategy. But the list of actions marketers can do with web scraping is practically infinite. It’s all about what data to scrape and how to execute it.

  • Gathering diverse data
  • Scraping social media for business analysis
  • Blog Content Scraping
  • Creating an email list
  • Generate insights on the position in the market.

Data Mining and Analytics:

Data mining and analytics assists businesses in understanding which promotion campaigns will likely create the most involvement, display customized commercials, classify customers and optimize promotion spend. It also assists firms in creating swindling activity and predicts possible fraud. Data mining not only improves external market performance but can likewise be used to figure out the market.  Whether it is market research, product research, positioning, customer reviews, opinion analysis, or any other concern for which data exists, analyzing data will provide insights that institutions need to make the right preferences. Data analysis is vital for companies today because data-driven decisions are the only way to be genuinely bold in business resolutions.


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