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About SMS marketing services:

Regarding all the continuous progress in technology and communication, the deceptively simple text message endures an impressively powerful tool for digital marketers, despite the scale or company size. The latchkey is discovering how to tackle and leverage the benefits of SMS in a form that your competition may have avoided or ignored. We at technology360 are a team of professionals certified in providing bulk SMS services in India. We extend our services in bulk SMS Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, and India and globally. 

Decoding the benefits of SMS Marketing:

As it is true that anyone with a mobile has a basic understanding of how to send and receive text messages from one another. As there are dynamics and huge involvement that should be considered while performing an SMS marketing campaign. If brands never attempted this strategy in large-scale marketing campaigns, they are missing out on a huge piece of opportunity. As the importance of SMS is growing in popularity across the globe and still not using it is a backlog for any business. SMS stands for “Short Message Service”, and most people worldwide call it texting. It is far more distinct from the app or service-based messengers such as FB messenger, Google Hangouts, iMessage & WhatsApp Messenger. SMS marketing comprises some basic steps. They are:

  1. Businesses need to craft an effective SMS Marketing Campaign.
  2. Firms need to enrol their customers to sign up for SMS pop-ups.
  3. Companies send related news to users on the list.
  4. The user receives, reads, and interacts with the text message.
  5. Firms benefit from this interaction in some way.

Why is SMS marketing important?

There are quintessential benefits of an SMS Marketing campaign. They are: 

Massive reach: It is estimated that around 80 per cent of all mobile subscribers use SMS which represents more than 3.5 billion active users. SMS is the most widely used service worldwide.

Because of its simple pattern and lightweight nature, text messaging has become more accessible and can reach a more distant audience with ease.

Instantaneous: Users can easily check their mobiles for texts and open them whenever they want without the internet. Users are more likely to open the messages once it reaches their phones the very instant without any delay. When compared to email marketing, SMS marketing campaigns open rate is 25 per cent more. Most emails get bounced and maybe go into the spam folder, but SMS is not as they are universally read & acknowledged by the receivers.

Personal Connection: Brands can maintain a good healthy relationship with the customers. They can communicate effectively with them and gather their interests, preferences, and firms can roll out offers and promotions to their recipient’s mobile. As there is a character limit for SMS marketing campaigns, these messages won’t annoy the end receivers. These campaigns result in having personal communication with customers and having engagement with them. 

Types of SMS Marketing:  SMS marketing campaigns fall under several categories. Firms can use these types of messages depending on the objectives of the company. 

  1. Broadcasting SMS.
  2. Transactional SMS.
  3. Coupon SMS.
  4. OTP SMS.
  5. Giveaways SMS.

Develop a solid approach:

Whether the company is currently more interested in building positive goodwill toward its brand or looking to increase sales of a particular product line, the SMS Campaign is the perfect fit in this case. All the results are data-driven and can be tracked on a real-time basis—organization’s need to understand the right metrics and analytics to understand and estimate the ROI. Segmenting customers into appropriate sales funnels will help to maximize return on investments. 

How SMS campaigns help in Branding:

SMS Campaigns helps in striving to improve brand awareness, increase engagement, and develop stronger connections with customers and subscribers. They help boost sales of products or services through various promotions, including sales, discount codes, limited time offers, and other deals. Building goodwill with your following can lead to greater brand loyalty with an increase in sales not just in the short-term but over a much longer time horizon. Of course, tracking leads and sales will always be important as well. 

Common Challenges in Text Campaigns:

Some challenges you may encounter while building and maintaining your list may include:

  1. Invalid Contacts.
  2. Active Number Validation.
  3. Creating and managing targeted lists.
  4. Choosing the best SMS gateway.
  5. Optimizing Delivery and Reach.

SMS marketing, just like any other marketing exercise, is always a work in progress. It’s an ongoing project, so companies need to build campaigns to grow their contact list to leverage the growing list in future campaigns. It’s continuously cyclical. The better way of handling SMS campaigns is tracking and testing them constantly based on the goals. The successful SMS campaigns will help in increasing followers on Facebook and also gaining traffic to the website.


As with any other form of marketing, SMS marketing can either be simple or complicated, depending on strategy, goals, understanding and choice of software. Some companies only utilize text messages for transactional SMS, informing customers of order details and shipping updates, while others use SMS marketing to promote new products or special deals. At technology360, one of the bulk SMS service providers in India, we offer our wide range of services, from crafting and designing SMS based on clients requirements and the best SMS marketing campaigns for their campaign achievements. 

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